While everyone remains focused on the bcourtesy morgue fileudget dilemma at the state legislature, other business — slowly and quietly — is still occurring. 

Late last month, the House unanimously passed H.B. 6185, a measure that would create civil penalties for employers that do not provide access to personnel files of their employees. 

Specifically, this bill subjects any employer, officer, agent, or other person who violates the provisions of the Personnel Files Act to a $300 civil penalty for each violation.

The Labor Department imposes the penalty and can ask the attorney general to initiate civil action to recover any unpaid penalties.

The bill now moves on to a Senate vote where, if it gets put on the calendar, its prospects seem strong.  Nevertheless, many bills never make it to a vote so its eventual passage is no sure thing.

For employers, compliance with the Personnel Files Act should be routine.  I’ve previously discussed the basics of personnel files in posts here and here.