For those who can’t get enough of the Ricci v. DeStefano matter — you know, the Supreme Court case involving a group of 20 firefighters from New Haven — the Connecticut Law Tribune this week offers up a profile of the attorney for the plaintiffs, Karen Lee Torre. 

But those hoping for a second act from her may have to wait a little longer as she has cut back on her legal work:

Following the Ricci decision, Torre says she has received numerous job offers asking her to become a lobbyist or a spokesperson for special interest groups. While she has turned down those offers, she has agreed to be a consultant on about a half-dozen cases around the country involving claims of reverse discrimination.

At the same time, litigating Ricci has worn down Torre to the point that she is going into semi-retirement for the time being.

“Ricci was a fabulous experience and my most personally rewarding experience,” she said. “But it made me want to leave the practice of law, and I don’t know what’s next.”

Those who know Torre either love or hate her. There is no in-between. An exchange last year between Torre and the CHRO led to heated exchange of words and is certainly an example of the love/hate relationship she has with some. (And heaven knows that her views on the ABA are far from enlightened). 

But she has done what many attorneys dream of doing: Winning a case before the U.S. Supreme Court on behalf of clients that she believes in.

And even she realizes that nothing else she does in the legal profession may match that. 

“This year has been the most incredible year of my career,” Torre said last week. “Nothing in the past compares to it and nothing in the future will compare to it.”