A few months ago, it looked like we could see a variety of bills passed relating to labor & employment law in the Connecticut General Assembly.

With the legislature scheduled to conclude business on May 5, 2010, though, its still mostly quiet on the labor & employment law area.

According to the Labor Committee’s Bill Record book, only three raised bills in the House have passed a vote (a bill implementing recommendations of joint misclassification task force, and two bills relating to workers compensation)  The Senate has yet to pass any such bills

All of the other bills have yet to see or pass a vote.

Will we see action on a few bills before the end of the session? Perhaps. The Paid Sick Leave bill is still very close to having enough votes to pass both chambers.  But the bill regarding background checks seems to have lost some steam

Overall, though, it looks to be a quieter season in the legislature when it comes labor and employment law.