So, you’ve settled a CHRO complaint with a former employee. Congratulations. Now, all you need is for the complainant to withdraw the case from the agency.

A little bit easier said than done. 

The CHRO uses an official withdrawal of complaint form to accomplish this that must be filed by the Complainant. But good luck finding it on their website.

However, you’re in luck. You can use the attached link to download the official withdrawal of complaint form in Microsoft Word format.  Its a bit different than a garden-variety withdrawal because it has language that the Complainant hasn’t been threatened, etc.

The form can also be used by the Complainant to pursue the matter in a different forum as well. 

In the Internet age, it is exactly these types of forms that agencies should post up on their websites. It adds to greater efficiency and openness. With all the other forms that the agencies does post, it is strange that it does not include this one on its website. 

That said, the CHRO has continued to post their new newsletter online. The September edition is available here.