Happy New Year everyone!

Coming back from vacation is always a challenge. So many tasks from last year left unsettled and so many new things to tackle.

As the new year begins, there’s a tendency to try to predict what the new year will bring.  Indeed, while catching up on some posts, I’ve been struck by the hysterical tone that some are using to scare employers into believing the entire employment law world is going to be turned upside down in 2011.

I’m here to tell you one simple thing:

It won’t.

Yes, some of the federal agencies are going to roll out some new rules. But let’s be honest — these types of changes always happen.  With a Republican-controlled House of Representatives, it is unlikely (though not impossible) that we’re going to see any significant legislation coming out of Congress that will impact employers in any meaningful way.

What we are going to see is more of the same. More enforcement of existing rules. More efforts by the government to ensure compliance.

What does this mean for employers? 

It means, as it always does, that there is never as good a time as now, to get your house into shape. 

Revise and update policies. Set up trainings for supervisors.  Read up on the new laws or regulations that get rolled out from time to time.  Check to be sure that supervisors are in compliance with HR-related rules.  And get a handle on what needs to be fixed.

So, ignore the hype about what "big" changes 2011 will bring.  Focus on the little things and you’ll be ready for whatever 2011 may bring.