The Connecticut Employment Law Blog will officially relaunch on Tuesday, June 7th.  Current subscribers shouldn’t have to change a thing. We’ll be at the same address and e-mail subscribers should continue to receive notifications of new posts.

While many of the changes will be behind the scenes, there will be a whole new design and set up. It’ll allow for more featured posts and the ability to highlight articles just for HR representatives and managers.  It should also allow for more comments; comments have been difficult to manage on the old platform due to spam issues.

In short, I’m really looking forward to it and need the next few days to finish up the content on it so it’ll be ready to launch.

I know what you’re thinking. “Rats, I don’t want to wait.”

Well, since you have rats on your mind, check out a new NLRB decision that allows for inflatable rat balloons at a “secondary” employer’s premises.  As Labor Relations Today calls it, “The Board has significantly eviscerated the secondary boycott provisions of the [NLRA]. Now, so long as the union does not place the signs or huge protest objects on sticks or include “moving” supporters in connection with the display, the Board appears content to allow a union to apply pressure upon neutral employers at their places of business. “