Popularity contests have never been my thing.  And asking for votes is even less my thing too.

But as I recently noted, the popular Sad City Hartford blog has nominated me for the “Hot in Hartford” 2012 contest.  It is a silly contest, as the blog authors readily concede, but a contest nonetheless. 

And for the next 24 hours, I’m up against popular WNPR radio host John Dankosky, in a one-on-one poll. 

As of this afternoon, just FIVE votes separated us.  Since I know that there are several hundred of you that visit this blog every day, if you took 30 seconds to vote, we could easily send a message that the law is greater than a talk show even if just a fraction of you voted.

(Put aside, for the moment, that I have great respect for John Dankosky and, having met him in person, he’s the real deal.  But all’s fair in battle.)

So, please click here and vote for the me and the blog.  (No registration required.)  And show that a lawyer can win a popularity contest after all.