I don’t know about you but the news lately has been awfully serious lately.  Thus, on this Friday before Election Day, let me share something a bit lighter.

So last night, I started watching a few popcorn movie trailers to get my mind off things while finishing up some work.  Sure, there was Star Wars: Rogue One (which I’m going to see — probably twice) and Wonder Woman (likely to see).

But then I came across this, a new trailer for an upcoming movie Office Christmas Party (caution, it’s a little NSFW for language):

(Sadly?) My first instinct was to go — this is going to be a train wreck for employment law issues. But like any good train wreck, I watched anyway.  Because when the motto of a movie is “Party Like Your Job Depends on It”, really, I felt needed to sacrifice for my esteemed blog readers.

And let’s just say — this looks like an epic employment law disaster.  You’ve got employees sledding down stairs only to crash — just a worker’s compensation claim or two there.  You’ve got inappropriate dancing — obviously a sex harassment case in there somewhere.  There’s slip and slides on ice…in the office — clearly an OSHA violation.  And an employee who has apparently stolen some reindeer — a violation of the personnel handbook for sure.

Needless to say, it looked entirely inappropriate for an office setting.

Thankfully, it’s just a movie.  But with stores now having made the changeover from Halloween to Christmas (what happened to Thanksgiving?), it seemed an appropriate reminder to review your office holiday party protocols.  I’ve covered it in many posts like this one.

As for whether I’ll actually see “Office Christmas Party” in the theater, truthfully the odds are I’ll probably see Sing with my kids first.

I only counted one employment law issue in that trailer.