Break out the champagne, its National Boss’s Day. (In Connecticut, this is our second "Boss" day in less than a month.  Governor Rell declared October 2nd  to be "Bruce Springsteen Day" in Connecticut, honoring the kickoff to his fall music tour.)  The "Boss"

Apparently, this "holiday" is an product of a State Farm employee who chose the day because it was the birthday of her boss. Oh, and did I mention that her boss was also her father? The Ohio Employer’s Law Blog has a few other notable items about the day, including a video link. 

While I certainly can understand the sentiment, it’s about the umpteenth workplace "day" I’ve seen recently.  After awhile, the designated "days" or "weeks" for the workplace just blend together.  This year we’ve had National Napping Day, National Bike to Work Day, Doctor’s Day, etc.. Then there is the Sweetest Day celebrations in the next week. 

Now, I’m not advocating that we get rid of Administrative Assistant Day (coming April 23, 2008!) — after all, we can’t function without a good team effort — but can we all just agree to cut back on at least some of our "national" days for a bit? 

Or perhaps I’m just being a little too grouchy — a leftover from yesterday’s "National Grouch Day"?  I pledge that I will use Friday’s "Evaluate Your Life" Day to reconsider my position. 

Is any workplace out there doing anything today to celebrate the day? Post your comments below.