As expected, the NLRB has denied Foxwoods’ request to stay (i.e. postpone) the union election scheduled for this Saturday without comment.  The NLRB also denied Foxwoods’ request for review of the underlying decision setting up the election by Regional Director Peter Hoffman. 

The Day reports:

“The board has denied the employer’s request for review,” said regional NLRB Assistant Director John Cotter. "For the record, the decision (by Regional Director Peter B. Hoffman) stands. That’s all they say and all they need to say.”

The voting takes place in the Sunset Ballroom in the Great Cedar Hotel from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. Saturday.  As a result of the two decisions, the ballots will be counted at night’s end Saturday by the NLRB, with a dozen agents assisting what Cotter calls the largest union election in recent history.

I’ve previously posted on the election here and here.

Because of the Thanksgiving holiday, I’ll try to sum up things when I return to active blogging early next week. Should Foxwoods lose the election, expect a quick appeal from Foxwoods.