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I’ve been writing this blog for so long that at the time I started, podcasts weren’t really a thing. (Neither were law blogs, but that’s a different post.)

Last year, my colleague Gabe Jiran hosted a season of From Lawyer to Employer — a new podcast at my firm, Shipman & Goodwin. The first season tackled everything from separation agreements to H1B visas. You name the workplace topic and we tried to cover it. It’s still available for download.

This fall, I picked up the mantle as host (with big shoes to fill) and I’m pleased to announce the first new episode of Season 2 is now live on wherever you get your podcasts from. (Here’s the Apple version.)

In this first episode, I talk with my colleague, Sarah Niemiroski, about the recent Stericycle decision from the National Labor Relations Board and the far-reaching impacts this decision has for private-sector employers when creating workplace policies.

In the podcast, we try to answer some of the commonly asked questions:

  • What’s different about Stericycle as opposed to the prior framework?
  • What type of employers does this impact?
  • Should employers review their policies?

In upcoming episodes, we’ll recap sessions from our fall webinar series and also get into other issues such as workplace investigations, free speech considerations, and immigration issues for employers.

Be sure to subscribe and I hope you enjoy these podcast episodes which serve as a supplement to the other work that we do. It’s free to all.