A few posts this week caught my eye:

  • First, the HR Carnival has a great post this week about various HR issues, including how to train managers better.  And, best yet, you’ll find a link back to this blog.  Thanks to the writers of the Carnival for the reference.
  • Kris Dunn, over at HR Captialist,  has an interesting post about how HR professionals can help their companies keep benefit costs down. As Kris says, "If You Don’t Have a Meaningful Answer to this Question From Your CEO, Update Your Resume…"
  • Evil HR Lady, has an informative post as to how employers can prepare for terminations and how to educate managers about the right ways to do so.
  • Workplace Horizons has been right on top of the Congress’ consideration of ENDA, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.  Near daily updates about the rumors of various amendments have been going up and its a useful site to keep track of certain pieces of legislation. 
  • And finally, The Employment Blawg has been posting a series of hypotheticals on different workplace situations including violence, workplace and overtime.  As stated on the blog "Read Trucks and Guns: An Employment Law Fable, Part I (Overtime for Truck Drivers) for the whole story. . . . It ends with an HR manager getting shot by the driver (just hypothetically)."