The days before Thanksgiving are busy.  Here are a few posts I flagged over the last week or so that you might have missed.

  • Evil HR Lady has a provocative post about whether lawyers make good human resource professionals in a post entitled: Evil Lawyers, Evil HR People, It’s All the Same.  As I commented on the site, I think that some lawyers can succeed in this profession based on their experience and their ability to boil complicated issues down to easy-to-understand concepts.
  • John Phillips, of  The Word on Employment Law, has a good post on issue-spotting in age discrimination matters and straightforward solutions to them. Its a good topic and one I hope to followup on in the upcoming days.
  • Jon Hyman, of the Ohio Employer’s Law Blog, has a notable update on English-only laws for the workplace.   It’s particularly timely in Connecticut where a lawsuit was filed last week by a group of immigrants challenging alleged workplace policies against a Connecticut employer. 
  • Workplace Prof has a post about a recent study that I had meant to write about that links a person’s initials with their success in school and in the workplace.  Turns out , according to the study, that "although most students want As in school, those whose names begin C or D have lower grade point averages than students whose names begin with A and B—with an even greater effect if they say they like their initials . . . ."  If your workplace grades employees with an "A", "B" or "C", it suggests that an employee named Ann or Al will do better than Charles or Cecilia.  I suspect there will be additional followup on this in the months and years to come.
  • The Transgender Workplace Diversity blog had a comprehensive blog post as part of the Blawg Review for the week. It cited this blog, but more importantly, it had numerous other posts about employment-related issues. I would highly recommend it to catch up on topics as diverse as USERRA and veteran rights, to — not surprisingly — transgender discrimination issues.
  • And finally, Frank Roche of the KnowHR Blog has a simple and straightforward post with the advice that no one should forget: Work Hard and Be Nice to People.  As we approach the holiday season (or are deep in the midst of it according to the number of local radio stations playing holiday music 24/7), it’s pretty good advice and one that can be followed year-round.