The hearing by the NLRB into objections raised by Foxwoods resumed Wednesday with new details about alleged harassment experienced by dealers in the course of the election last fall.  (For background on the objections and the elections, click here.) 

As usual, The Day is quick with the details this morning.  According to the report, one employee testified that after telling co-workers she would be voting "no" in the upcoming election, other dealers harassed her:

On the floor, one blackjack dealer said, “If you were a man I’d kick your (expletive).”

Another dealer told her she was a “backstabber” and was told, “You’ll get what you deserve.”

Another claim that has not surfaced in much detail before (other than in the Tribe’s opening statement) is the claim that there may have been improper campaigning going on.  The Day reports:

Many of the dealers, both men and women, testified that unidentified individuals were polling people in the restroom across from the Sunset Ballroom, where the election was held on Nov. 24.

The individuals, according to several witnesses, were holding a piece of paper and either a pen or pencil. Because some of the dealers were wearing their name tags, they believed the unidentified individuals were recording their name along with their vote.

They presumed the individuals were writing down names of people who did not support the union.

The Tribe is expected to rest their case sometime today at which point the UAW will have an opportunity to call their own witness to refute the testimony presented.  Obviously, as lawyers are apt to say, there’s often two (or three or four) sides to every story so expect to hear some balance to these claims over the next few day. 

For a better idea on what the tribe is claiming in the objections as a whole, I’d also suggest reviewing the Tribe’s opening statement available here