While a generic post today about sick leave might be more appropriate today given my absence for a few days, there are some actual updates in the labor and employment law arena that need telling.

One such story is the ongoing saga in between the UAW and the Mashantucket Pequot Trial Nation, which runs the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut.

As readers will recall, in mid-July the NLRB issued a new Complaint against Foxwoods for its alleged refusal to bargain with the UAW over a new labor contract.

On late Friday, August 1st, Foxwoods issued its formal answer to the complaint, along with a press release. 

But as longtime readers should know, there really is nothing new in either.  Foxwoods continues to insist that it is willing to bargain with the workers under tribal law, just not under federal law.  Foxwoods continues to insist, as it has from the outset, that tribal sovereignty must apply to it.  And so, its answer was really a mere formality.

Both sides show no sign of deviating from the projected path; the next obvious step will be an appeal in the federal courts of appeal later this year.  Until then, both sides will likely to continue issuing press releases touting one occurrence or another. None of it matters much at this point until the appeal is decided.