So what’s going to happen after the election with various employment law proposals? Well, you’ll have to wait for the election to really see what happen at a federal level.  After all, part of it still depends on who is elected to the White House and how many seats the Democrats control in Congress. 

(If you’re really curious, I’ll be putting on a breakfast roundtable at my firm with my partners Peg Sheahan and Bob Mitchell on November 11, 2008 at our offices. More information about the program is available here.)

But in Connecticut, there are several issues that made an appearance in the General Assembly that are likely to be revisited.  This will be particularly true if the Democrats can pick up a few seats and push their majorities to "veto-proof" levels, meaning they can override any veto by Governor Rell.

I’ve also heard that a proposal to move some of the states’ hearing officers or human rights referees under a central "administrative hearing officer" umbrella may get a look at.  The CHRO also has an agenda of items that it will seek legislative approval of. Its’ recap from 2008 is available here. 

With all of the focus that the media has on the Presidential race, It’s easy to forget that the elections next month will be critical to setting legislative agendas in Connecticut that may have a far greater impact on Connecticut businesses than the national races.