As is typical for December, everyone is starting to wrap up for year end and the amount of substantive items to report on slows to a trickle. Thus, it’s time for some short items on a variety of employment law and HR-related topics.

I feel the same now as I did then – while I agree the performance review is an imperfect tool, you’re only credible in calling for its elimination if you’re prepared to put your money and time where your mouth is and be involved in providing the training and CONTINUOUS feedback to managers on their coaching skills.

You don’t have time? Guess what sparky? You’re part of the problem, not the solution. Please fade to the background.

The alternative to the annual performance review is coaching daily, which is another word for feedback. The bad news is that we have a lot of managers nationally who aren’t willing or capable of coaching.

Dunn’s post is worth reading for his suggestions on how HR can help with the performance review process.