Robert Brothers Jr. can remove the "acting" from his job title.

Late last week, the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO) appointed Robert J. Brothers, Jr. to a four year term as the permanent Executive Director.  Brothers had been acting Executive Director for the last 18 months. 

According to the Commission Chairman,  "Attorney Brothers has provided tremendous leadership, energy and commitment as the Acting Executive Director for the past eighteen months." Norton continued, We are excited to be entering a new era in human rights advocacy in which the Commission will be an active, vibrant force."

In a press statement, Brothers stated that he looked forward to being part of a "revitalized CHRO". 

Brothers has spent nearly the last 25 years  with the CHRO.  He began his career at CHRO in 1986 as an investigator. During that time he attended Western New England College School of Law at night completing his degree in 1993. He steadily rose through the ranks at the Commission as Investigator, Attorney, Acting Regional Director, and Managing Director and Commission Attorney prior to his appointment as Acting Executive Director.

The minutes from the meeting have yet to be released, but it seems that Brothers has won over the minor concerns that had been part of his appointment as acting Executive Director.  Back in June 2008, one commissioner commented that she thought an outside person would be best; the Commission, however, seems to have concluded that Brothers was best for the job after all. 

I expect we’ll hear more in the coming days about the changes that Brothers plans to bring to the agency that has had a revolving door at the Executive Director level.