I can’t say I saw this one coming.

I’ve previously reported on a bill (H.B. 5207) that passed the legislature.  That bill restricts the use of background checks for prospective state employees until after job offers have been made.

Yesterday, Governor Rell vetoed the measure (H/T CT Mirror). In her veto message, she states that while it is "worth in its objective, this bill poses numerous obstacles in practices.  And for all its obstacles, it is uncertain that any benefit will accrue to previously convicted applicants."  She goes on to point out a number of other issues with the bill, including that it fails to take into account the differences in state positions and types of convictions.

As I’ve previously noted, Connecticut law currently has some restrictions for public employers on the use of background checks, but no such restrictions apply to private employers. (Of course, there are federal restrictions under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, so employers who use them should still approach this topic carefully.)

According to a Senate Democratic representative quoted in the CT Mirror, there is a "solid chance" that it will be brought up for an override vote later this month.