The other shoe has dropped. For now.

Governor Malloy late today released his official “Plan B” detailing the layoffs expected as a result of the union concession vote. And it’s ugly.

It calls for a 15 percent staff reduction at the Department of Labor, 30 percent reduction at the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities, and 10 percent reduction at the judicial branch (resulting in 450 layoffs there alone).

It’s not the elimination of the CHRO which was on the table, but cuts this deep will no doubt have a serious impact on the work that can be done at that agency.

If this goes through, expect big delays to start happening. The next few days and weeks are going to be worth watching. Will there be a new deal cut? Perhaps. But until then, the uncertainty continues.

As Connecticut law blogger Ryan McKeen aptly notes:

It’s bad for business when disputes can’t be resolved in a timely and efficient manner. Bad. Bad. Bad.