A new state auditor’s report released this month shows that the CHRO continues to struggle with compliance with statutory timeframes.

The report — which can be downloaded here — shows that from 2007-2009, 56 percent of the cases exceeded the statutory maximum of 370 days.   As the report notes, “the longer it takes to make a determination of cause, or no cause, the longer the complainant must wait for a resolution of his or her complaint.”

The agency, in the report, indicated that the “most direct cause of delays in investigations is the lack of adequate staff”.  New legislation (which I highlighted in this post) should help matters, but the agency still forecasts a considerable backlog.

The report highlights other shortcomings of the agency as well including failure to submit an Affirmative Action report and Contract Compliance report.  In addition, the agency awarded merit increases while not complying with a performance assessment review.  Under the leadership of a prior Executive director “increase were awarded regardless of whether the agency complied with the requirements, therefore there is no disincentive for failing to comply.”  The report also notes that the agency has failed to update investigator’s forms and procedures manual.

Despite the agency’s requests for more staff, CT Mirror reports that new funds aren’t likely in the immediate future.

While several of the issues in the report fall under the prior Executive Director’s watch, the report is yet another indication of an agency still in need of repair.