Next week, I’ll be speaking at the HR Compliance Conference in San Francisco on “Hiring Without Headaches: Ten Things You Need To Know About Hiring in the 21st Centry“.  It’s not too late to join us and I hope, if you read this blog, that you’ll say hi when I’m out there. 

The program description is as follows:

The days of picking the right candidate based on the color she used to print her resume are over. In its place: A hyperconnected world where information (and, in many cases, too much information) is just a Google search away. But what are the limits on using online information for searches and are Facebook pages of candidates becoming off-limits for employers? In this session, attorney Daniel Schwartz will highlight the latest legal risks and developments in the area and provide you with the best practices to using technology to find the best candidate.

But here’s a little secret: Despite all the new notions, the fact remains that most of our laws are rooted in 20th century principles.  In other words, while there may be some new issues (like asking for Facebook passwords) in play, we can’t rule out some of the existing rules of the road. 

The Fair Credit Reporting Act is a prime example.  Even that law is subject to new twists; in fact, employers need to update their FCRA notices by January 1, 2013 with some fairly minor revisions. 

What else should employers be worrying about? I’ll relay more next week at the Conference. Hope to see you there.