Late last week, the Senate finally passed the compromise version of the ADA Amendments Act, (S.3406, which is available here) which I’ve covered before. The bill needs to be reconciled with the House version, but final passage and approval by President Bush is now expected this month.

Other blogs have very adeptly recapped

In the waning hours late last week before Congress took its summer vacation, Congress was busy debating (or in some cases, not debating) some key employment bills.  These all still require approval from the one side of Congress or the other, but these bills are getting closer to becoming law.  (For a refresher on how a bill becomes

Nearly eight months ago, I asked the question: Will the Americans with Disabilities Act Be Amended?  

At that point, I indicated that an ADA Restoration Act Bill of 2007 was not yet a "hot topic" but as election season heated up, we could see some action on some proposed amendments.  There have been some followup