Credit the Office of Healthcare Advocate for acting quickly.  I received word late Thursday that the Office of Healthcare Advocate — responding, in part, to my post on Wednesday — has now posted its required poster for employers on their website.  You can actually download the poster directly from this link. 

As detailed in earlier posts (here, here and here), employers that offer health insurance are required to post in their workplace about the services of the Managed Care Ombudsman.  It is mandated by Conn. Gen. Stat. 38a-1046.

Lastly, one final point from the Attorney General’s press release yesterday (see prior posts) bears some further comment. 

Selling state compliance posters is perfectly legal – until the companies use false and deceptive claims to push their product, as many have done.

It’s a valid point.  The companies that sell these posters in many ways offer a product that employers may find useful. They may laminate the poster or put a variety of information all in one. But when they overstep the line to scare employers or mislead them (and again, we’ll leave that issue for the AG’s office and readers to decide), they open themselves up to criticism.

A search of Google News this morning hasn’t turned up any additional coverage, including any response from PBC.  Thus, until there are significant further developments that I become aware of, I’ll consider this issue — from an employment law perspective — resolved for now.