The blog and press coverage of the Connecticut Supreme Court’s case of Curry v. Allan S. Goodman, Inc. continues this week with two additional shout-outs to this blog.  In addition, another resource cited to the decision that is worth mentioning.

First up, the well-run and informative Point of Law blog, edited by Walter Olsen, discusses the case today with a references to this blog.  There are lots of other employment law issues discussed at the site so I would recommend it for a different perspective on the legal system.    

In addition, the Connecticut Law Tribune (subscription required) has a detailed article in this morning’s paper on the Curry decision.  The reporter contacted me last week and I provided him with some additional insights in the case. The reporter was also kind enough to quote this blog as well.

"This is a very significant decision," said Daniel A. Schwartz, an employment lawyer at the Hartford office of Pullman & Comley, who writes He is not personally involved in this case, but said the ruling is "mandatory reading" for all employment law practitioners.

"There have been attempts in recent years to create this reasonable accommodation language with legislative changes, but those bills did not pass," Schwartz said.

The decision — officially released April 15 — puts employers on notice to be responsive to needs of disabled employees and to actively engage in communication once a problem is identified. "They can’t just take a hear-no-evil, see-no-evil, speak-no-evil attitude," Schwartz said in an interview.

Lastly, as part of the press coverage, I also stumbled on to a very good site today that I’m sure others have known about for years: the Connecticut Judicial Branch Law Libraries Newslog.  The site keeps readers updated on  "Connecticut legislative developments, new court decisions, online legal research tools, new law library resources, and other topics of interest to the Connecticut legal community."  I would definitely check the site out.