With one month to go in the shortened legislative session, there hasn’t been a lot of action on various labor & employment bills.  Many of the bills I highlighted in the last two months haven’t seen a lot of action or are still awaiting further votes.  This post will briefly summarize where some of the bills are based on the Bill Record Book

  • The Workplace Bullying bill, Senate Bill 60, which I addressed here, appears to be going nowhere. There has been no committee action on it, unlike several others.  In my opinion, there are just too many issues that would need to be resolved and addressed to make the proposed bill a workable law. 
  • Similarly, Senate Bill 61, which provides additional protections to whistleblowers hasn’t gone anywhere yet either.  There has yet to be a hearing on it and no action appears to have been taken on it.  Some of my prior coverage is available here.
  • On a different note, the bill to allow 15 year olds back into grocery stores, Senate Bill 216, passed the Senate last week.  This one seems like a sure thing to get House approval. For more background on this bill, click here for my prior coverage. 
  • The Paid Sick Leave Bill, Senate Bill 217, is far from sick. I covered the bill’s origins here.  Indeed, the Labor & Public Employee Committee has favorably voted the bill out to the Judiciary Committee on April 3, 2008.  

No significant bills relating to labor & employment law have been passed by both houses yet so I’ll keep providing updates for the remainder of the session.