At long last, Governor Rell has signed a bill this week that I’ve reported on lots before that allows 15-year-olds to once again work in grocery stores and some other limited capacity roles.  The law, which is effective immediately, also retroactively makes legalcourtesy morgue file "golf" any 15-year-olds that have been working in the stores since the previous law expired last year.

The law, which is now codified at Conn. Gen. Stat. 31-23 does a little more than you might originally think: Specifically:

  • 14 year olds can work as a  a caddie or in a pro shop at any municipal or private golf course
  • 15 year olds can work in any mercantile establishment, as a bagger, cashier or stock clerk.

There are restrictions however on the work such as the time of day and the length of the workday.   Golf courses and stores should review the law carefully and set forth proper policies regarding employment of 14 and 15-year-olds.

Other blogs have picked up on the law this including the New Haven Independent.