The ongoing labor battles at Foxwoods took an interesting turn on Friday.  For the second time in a month, a group of workers at Foxwoods rejected efforts by a union to represent them.

This time, it was the off-track betting workers who decided that they did not want the United Auto Workers (UAW) to represent them.  It was a small group to be sure — only 40 workers in the eligible group — but the election was not that close: 13 voted in favor, 23 voted against (with 4 not voting).

Foxwoods was understandably pleased, as reported in The Day:

”We are very pleased that another group of employees has shown faith in Foxwoods management and their continued efforts to keep Foxwoods as a great place for employees and guests,” said Foxwoods President Barry Cregan in a prepared statement. “I am very pleased with the way our Race Book team members have conducted themselves.”

Given the UAW’s victory in November to organize the poker and table game dealers (prior coverage here), it’s loss here is a bit surprising.  Does this signal a shift in momentum? Much to early to tell, but it can’t be a good sign for the unions that workers have rejected two efforts by unions to represent them in less than a month.

As for UAW’s efforts to organize the poker and table game dealers, that efforts remains mired in appeals.  After the ALJ’s decision, Foxwoods filed its exceptions to the decision in late March, which is available here. The union filed its response (not available online) and the parties are now awaiting a board decision.   Even after that decision, further appeals are likely.