The Presidential debates and Vice-Presidential debate are coming up later this month.  A lot has courtesy Obama websitebeen written about what the candidates’ respective positions are (and a lot has been written on everything BUT the issues).  For some recent discussions of various issues, check out posts this week from the Delaware Employment Law Blog, Ohio Employer’s Law Blog, and The Word on Employment Law.

While these analysis are helpful, we also have an opportunity to bring labor & employment law issues into the presidential forum through discussion and analysis. Indeed, each campaign has focused on some aspects of labor and employment law (like those found here (Obama) and here (McCain). 

So with that in mind, what one question would you like the debate moderators to ask each of the major party candidates?  If you’d like, just focus on one candidate or one issue you’d like each candidate to address. 

Here are my thoughts and I welcome you to post them in the comments below or on your own blog/website and let me know. 

Question for Obama:

You’re supported the Employee Free Choice Act.  One provision of the act would allow unions to organize based on a "card check" instead of a secret-ballot election, which some have claimed is undemocratic.  Why do you support such a provision and why should Americans support this bill?

Question for McCain:

On your website, you’ve indicated that you understand "that today’s changing economy is making it harder for parents to balance the demands of family life and their jobs."  A bill introduced by Senator Kennedy this year  (S. 1085) would give employees paid sick leave to care for their families.   Why haven’t you supported or co-sponsored this bill and why should Americans be against paid sick leave?

Question for Biden:

During this session of Congress, you have introduced over 100 bills. Yet none of them relate directly to labor and employment law issues.  Why is that and do you think that this area of the law really needs to change?

Question for Palin:

Your husband is a union member, a fact touted by your running mate earlier this month.  Do you support the Employee Free Choice Act? And if not, do you think that unions have enough support in existing laws?