Last Friday, I reported on a late-breaking agreement to discuss labor matters between the UAW and Foxwoods. Since that time, media reports have been wide with editorials discussing the matter as well.

The Day has been leading the way with a few reports/editorials:

So what’s going on now? Don’t expect to hear anything from the parties for at least 30 days, if not longer. Richard Hankins, a Kilpatrick Stockton attorney representing the Mashantucket Pequot Gaming Enterprise states:

The parties are contemplating a framework that could constitute a win for everyone involved. It is important, however, that the discussions continue without external pressures at this point. When it is constructive to report on specifics, the parties will do so.

In thinking about this matter over the weekend, I’ve been convinced more than ever that the UAW’s willingness to apply tribal law is a very big deal — a view shared by my fellow bloggers at Workplace Prof Blog

But don’t expect to hear a lot of that from Foxwoods. Despite the concession, Foxwoods still has to deal with UAW and there’s no good reason to embarass the UAW by claiming a victory in the application of tribal law. (And to Foxwoods’ credit, Foxwoods has not been particularly hostile to the UAW through this process instead focusing on issues like tribal sovereignty to make their case.)

So if an agreement is ultimately reached, expect to hear lots about how the agreement is a win-win for Foxwoods AND the UAW.  It may be that terms of a labor agreement are a win-win but make no mistake: applying tribal law to the union would just be a win for Foxwoods.