This blog has tried to stay apolitical throughout its 12+ years so I’m not going to start talking politics now.

But, over the last week, the issue of confidentiality provisions and non disparagement clauses in settlement agreements of discrimination claims has moved front and center of the political debate between Senator Elizabeth Warren and Michael

I often compare employment law cases to bitter divorces.  Both require the deft touch of a mediator in order to get them resolved.

Fortunately, for our blog readers, we have another terrific guest blogger, Victoria Pynchon to talk about mediation.  She blogs, but more importantly, she is a mediator and arbitrator for the Southern California ADR firm Judicate West.


Lately, the best soap opera in the area has been the on-again, off-again negotiations between Alex Rodriguez (otherwise known as A-Rod) and the New York Yankees. As a Yankees and baseball fan, it has provided lots of drama already in the offseason.  But the case has also provided a very good example of how to