Although I’m heading out on vacation soon, PUBLISHED with written authorization of Kevin Duffy - NOT to be Reproduced www.kevinduffy.netemployment lawyers sometimes can’t resist a good employment law-related holiday cartoon. 

I recently came across this and believe you all will appreciate the humor in this as well. 

(Though it does remind me last year’s charges against a patron who was allegely a bit "frisky" with a mall’s Santa Claus.)

I asked the cartoon’s author, Kevin Duffy, for authorization to republish this cartoon.  After suffering without power for many days in New Hampshire, he graciously agreed to allow me to republish this. 

(Because he has given me an exclusive and limited license to publish, please do not copy it.)  

Given how long Kevin’s been without power, make Kevin’s holiday a little brighter by visiting his website which has some great material and instructions on how to contact the cartoon’s author. You can visit his site at   You can even purchase some cartoons for the new year as well.

Happy Holidays.