The Connecticut General Assembly is in full swing with a wide assortment of labor & employment law bills and concepts being introduced this month — many simply a rehash of bills that were introduced last year and never went anywhere.   You can find a full list of the bills before the Labor & Public Employees Committee here.

So what are some of the highlights and otherwise notable proposed bills?

As I said last year, much of what gets proposed in the General Assembly stands no likelihood of passage. Sometimes bills are proposed so that a politician make a certain statement or show support for a constituent. So, for example, I suspect that the bill prohibiting "large corporations" from terminating learning disabled employees for taking long meal breaks and losing track of time will die quietly in committee.

But others, particularly the paid sick leave bill, stand a much greater likelihood of at least getting out of committee.  The details have yet to flushed out on some of these so stay tuned for further developments.

(H/T Inside the Capitol)