It seems somewhat appropriate that with Labor Day upon us, this blog will celebrate its two year anniversary this week. You can look back at some of the first posts.

Looking back, I’m struck by the nature of my "welcome" post which had set forth ideas of topics that I would cover and in what format. I remember how I thought this would be important because I wasn’t sure when I started that I would have anything to write about on a consistent basis. And I was concerned about making sure that the blog would be interesting to readers.

Turns out my worries were WAY overblown.

In fact, with somewhere over 600 posts, there’s been plenty to write about.

I’ve broken a few stories, such as a lawsuit brought by three wrestlers against WWE, and provided context to some other stories making headlines (like the complaint brought by Fox 61 reporter Shelly Sindland). 

And even though posts are added nearly every business day, I still haven’t been able to keep up with events. So, last fall, I started a Twitter account to post links to some of the stories that can’t fit in the blog. 

And as for whether anyone would find this interesting, well, the numbers speak for themselves.  In fact, sometime later this week, this blog will hit its 600,000th visitor. (Last week alone was one of the busiest weeks we’ve had.) On a daily basis, there are hundreds of subscribers receiving the feeds and e-mails from this blog.  And according to recent rankings, this is among the 40 highest read law blogs out there — and within the top 3 most widely read employment law blogs.


So, on this anniversary, it seems appropriate to thank several people about this. My law firm — Pullman & Comley, LLC — has been incredibly supportive and my fellow partners have always been quick to send me an e-mail letting me know the latest news and events.  My family has put up with nights where I’m playing around with my laptop writing my latest post. My blog host — Lexblog, led by Kevin O’Keefe — has made blogging so effortless that I never have to worry about technical snafus or terms like "SEO". They just make it happen.

But, as maudlin as this may sound, my biggest thanks is to you, the reader.  I appreciate your comments, suggestions, support, and help greatly. I’ve gotten to know several of you because of this and for that opportunity, I’m particularly grateful.

Where to we go from here? I don’t know, but I hope it continues to be as much fun as the last two years. Thanks.

So, with Labor Day here, let’s also give thanks to every worker out there. Without your hard work (or interesting lawsuit about work), there’d be little to write about. 

With warmest regards, Dan