Anyone who has read this blog for a while knows of my love of the New York Yankees. So much so that a few months back I did an entire employment law post on Derek Jeter’s contract.

He’s the quintessential Yankee and, from an employment law perspective, an ideal to aspire to. No matter the illness or injury, he reports to work, keeps his head down low and performs on the field. Day in and day out.   I don’t think the Yankees are going to run into much trouble with him. 

But I’ve tied the Yankees into prior posts as well, writing about non-disparagement clauses that the Yankees were considering, and how a Yankees conversation with a juror might be not get a case reversed

So, it should come as no surprise that I would have a continuing interest in the Yankees as this post-season progresses and figure out a way to tie it into this blog.

Now, I did spent college in Philadelphia so one might think that I go easy on that town. After all, a town with cheesesteaks (Pat’s or Geno’s — doesn’t matter to me and Abner’s still works too — see picture) and Rocky can’t be all that bad.

But baseball is baseball. And the World Series is no time for sympathy.

So when Jon Hyman, a Phillies Phanatic and the writer of the Ohio Employer’s Law Blog, approached me about a friendly wager for the World Series, it was an easy call.  You can read Jon’s post about the wager here

The wager is simple: Whoever’s team loses the World Series has to write a post on his blog praising the winning team (with an employment law spin, of course). 

I have discussed office pools and wagering in Connecticut, particularly in the context of sports events, and you can find those posts here

Now, I share with you an interesting comparison: The Phillies were the first major league team to record 10,000 losses making them  the biggest losers in all of baseball (so says USA Today).  The Yankees, on the other hand, have won 40 American League Pennants and 26 World Series. 

So, may the best team win.  And I look forward to pointing readers to a flattering post about the Yankees on Jon’s blog sometime next week.