As I continue to take some time off, with the start of baseball season, I thought I’d share this 2019 post about baseball contracts. Play ball and Go Yankees!

Employment law contracts typically are not that complex. Oh sure, they may LOOK complex but most of the time, you build them with the same building

Lately, the best soap opera in the area has been the on-again, off-again negotiations between Alex Rodriguez (otherwise known as A-Rod) and the New York Yankees. As a Yankees and baseball fan, it has provided lots of drama already in the offseason.  But the case has also provided a very good example of how to

In Connecticut, the loyalties between the Red Sox and Yankees are about evenly split.   So, for now, it’s baseball nirvana here in the state.   If both win their divisional series, there will be many late nights here in Connecticut watching a Yankees-Red Sox matchup.Go Yankees!

In honor of the baseball playoffs beginning this week, I thought I