Over several generations now, parents and their kids have been enthralled and entranced with the readings of the classic children’s book – "Are You My Mother?"

Put that same question in the employment context and you get the title to the next free webinar I’m producing — entitled "Are You My Employee? 

Normally, we do these webinars on the 2d Wednesday of every month but in honor of Veteran’s Day next week, we have scheduled a special time for this presentation November 19th at noon EST.

The webinar will provide information about when your independent contractor, leased worker, "temp," franchisee or franchisee’s employee is really your employee. Put another way, we’ll address what the law is on unintended employment relationships.

One of my law partners, Joshua A. Hawks-Ladds, who also chairs the Connecticut Bar Association’s Labor and Employment Section, will discuss the legal issues resulting from an unintended employee — including claims by governmental authorities, third parties and the unintended employee.

To register, just click on the link.

Amazingly, this will be the sixth monthly webinar we’ve done in as many months. The feedback and virtual attendance at each of them have been very positive.  Hope to "see" you in a few weeks at the webinar.