With the internet, we’ve grown accustomed to everything being on online. 

But every once in a while there are still a few nuggets of useful information that are only available in print format. 

Once such document is a 30-page document entitled "Auto Dealership Addendum" published by the Wage & Workplace Standards Division of the Connecticut Department of Labor.   Fortunately, you can now download your own copy of the document that I’ve posted here.   (To its credit, the DOL publishes many documents online, but for some reason, this document isn’t readily available on the website.)

So, why is this document useful?

Because it contains several key points, particularly about employees who work for commission, that aren’t available elsewhere.  While it is tailored for the auto industry, some of the concepts it discusses are applicable to other employers.  Specifically, it has:

  • An explanation of Conn. Gen. Stat. 31-76i (exceptions to overtime pay) and who it applies to and the requirements that need to be met;
  • Examples of wage calculations for auto salespeople, auto technicians and inside salespeople;
  • A discussion of the executive, administrative, professional, and outside sales employees (exempt employees) in auto dealerships;
  • Comments on commission payments and training time.

For auto dealers, this document is a must; for others that deal with the concept of commissioned employees, this document will provide a useful discussion of the Department of Labor’s thoughts on the subject.

The DOL does have a bigger guide to the state’s wage and workplace laws available online. It’s worth checking out as well.