Long-time readers of the blog are no doubt aware of my role as a delegate from Connecticut to the ABA House of Delegates. I’ll be reporting from that gathering in the upcoming days. If you’d like to follow the goings on of the ABA Annual Meeting, I’ll be tweeting about it on various account names.

  • You can always follow me @danielschwartz (twitter.com/danielschwartz)
  • But through an arrangement with the American Bar Association, I will be tweeting from the floor of the House next Monday and Tuesday under the ABA’s account: @abaesq (twitter.com/abaesq)
  • And, to top matters, I’ll also be reporting for the Connecticut Bar Association at various times on matters relevant to Connecticut under the CBA’s account: @ctbar (twitter.com/ctbar)

There are a number of terrific programs set up during the next few days on topics such as social media and the latest in employment law. I’ll try to provide a post or two with some of the highlights.

In the meantime, this morning I appeared on NPR’s terrific show: Where We Live. You can listen online to the interview here.  During the interview, we talked about workplace violence prevention issues. Unfortunately, there are no sure solutions to eliminate the threat of workplace violence but if you’re eager to take some steps, you can check some of my prior posts for resources.

Lastly, next week, I’ll be speaking to various town officials in the Hartford area about the legal issues surrounding the use of social media.  The meeting is by invite-only but I’ll share some of my thoughts afterwards.

August tends to be a slow time for employment law but stay tuned over the next few days: I’ve got a few guest posts coming up during my meetings.