Happy Independence Day

With July 4th weekend upon us, I wanted to first wish all of you a Happy Independence Day!

In the meantime, for those who are still looking for things to work on this weekend, I refer back to post in 2008 that talked about summer-related employment law issues.  Here are a few highlights:

Vacations/Paid Time Off — Vacations are a common part of the summer season. Some companies use “Paid Time Off”, while other companies specifically designate that employees can use vacation time.  But can the employer do anything to regulate it? Yes, particularly the employer’s policies are up to date.  What are some questions for an employer to consider?

  • Do your policies require employees to seek time off in advance?
  • Do you require employees to coordinate with other vacation schedules?
  • Do you have a “use it or lose it” policy on vacations, where employees are required to use vacation time by the end of the year, or do you allow for some carryover? If so, how much?
  • Do you have employees vacation time on a pro-rata basis? In other words, do employees get a day vacation for each month during the year worked?
  • Do your policies dictate that if the employee does take vacation time that has not accrued, what the penalties are?

Summer Parties and Office Dress – As with the office party around the December holidays, many companies have corporate outings.  With the warm weather, some might even include swimming or decent amounts of alcohol.  Summer dress codes also tend to allow for more revealing attire. What can the employer consider for these summer outings and summer dress?

  • Are the employers policies on harassment and discrimination up to date and do they make explicit reference to the fact that “work” also includes company-sponsored outings?
  • Are dress codes easy to understand and enforce? Do they provide employees with sufficient guidance on what is expected of them?
  • Have expectations been set up for employees about what is proper behavior and dress at corporate summer functions?
  • Are any summer hires (college or high-school interns) apprised of the rules and regulations of the company, and have employees been advised how to deal with these employees?

Hopefully, you’ll all be able to enjoy the great weather and the holiday.  Even employment law professionals and human resources managers need a vacation day.

Summer's Here