I had the opportunity to speak today at Wesfacca’s Day of Social Media program.  If you’re looking for great information as an in house counsel, I would strongly recommend ordering the CLE materials.

There were a number of issues brought up that were discussed but there were two that I haven’t seen addressed much elsewhere.

First, there are companies that are rolling out internal social network programs that essentially create a Facebook for just company employees on a closed network.  Sounds good, right? But employers need to understand that these networks may still be subject to the NLRA. So, if you prohibit employees from talking about salaries on that site, you may start running afoul of labor laws.

Similarly, suppose your company monitors your Company’s name across a variety of social media sites.  What happens when you discover not only customers but employees using your name? Numerous panelists at companies suggested to overreacting.  It may be a violation, but what is the appropriate remedy. Training employees is key.  And if no one else really saw it, what’s the real harm?

The takeaway? Social media is rapidly developing. Policies, a strategy and training remain a company’s best approach to the issue.    And don’t forget that the usual laws apply.