The General Assembly finished its business for 2012 last night and although there was a last minute flurry of legislation, several bills that had been tracked by many employers came up short.

A bill affecting construction (or project) labor agreements did pass earlier this week. The Hartford Business Journal recaps it here:
Connecticut lawmakers approved legislation that allows government agencies to negotiate labor agreements on construction projects, The Associated Press reports.
The House on Monday voted 109-37 to approve the measure, following Senate approval last week. It now goes to Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, who has promised to sign it.
Malloy emphasized parts of the legislation that give the state transportation commissioner more flexibility in directing how high construction and maintenance projects are contracted. The governor says the legislation will make Connecticut more competitive in applying for critical federal money.
The legislation allows government to negotiate so-called project labor agreements that establish a dispute resolution process between contractors and unions.

The dust is still settling this morning, but in contrast to 2011, it looks like employers won’t have as much to worry about this year.