In a post last week, I pointed out that New York amended its laws to allow for some deductions by employers from an employee wages.  I joked that Connecticut could do the same as some of Connecticut’s rules are a bit dated themselves.  

A nice note from a Connecticut Department of Labor official suggested that I point readers to the page where the deductions are allowed.  Its actually something I’ve covered before and I’m happy to do so again. 

Connecticut has an online form for employers to send to the Connecticut Department of Labor for approval.  What types of items may be deducted with approval?

  • Life Insurance Premium;
  • Loan;
  • Employee Purchases;
  • Pension Plan Employee Contribution;
  • Payroll Savings Plan;
  • United Way Contribution; and
  • Christmas/Hanukkah Club. 

I’ll leave aside the Christmas/Hanukkah Club for the moment (are there any employers still using that?) and merely note that the list is not exclusive. (Update: Indeed, the DOL has indicated to me since this was published that they have approved other types of deductions as well.) As noted on the CTDOL website: “IF YOU WISH TO USE IT TO AUTHORIZE ANY ITEMS LISTED FOR PAYROLL DEDUCTION, PLEASE COMPLETE THE INFORMATION IMMEDIATELY BELOW AND YOUR COMPANY WILL BE CONSIDERED FOR APPROVAL AND NOTIFIED BY MAIL. A REQUEST FOR ANY ADDITIONAL PAYROLL DEDUCTION ITEMS MUST BE SUBMITTED SEPARATELY.”

There’s more information available on the CTDOL website here.    And if you’re interested in the corresponding state statute it can be found at Conn. Gen. Stat. 31-71e.