Today marks the official five year anniversary of the Connecticut Employment Law Blog.


My very first posts here, here and here, seem like a long time ago.   

But you don’t get to five years without a bunch of people to thank.   They include:

  • my current law firm partners at Pullman & Comley, LLC who have come around to the idea that social media can be a useful endeavor for a lawfirm;
  • my former partners at Epstein, Becker & Green, P.C. who supported the blog at its inception (and who now have a whole bunch of blogs of their own). 
  • My wife and family, who have also been extremely supportive, even when it seemed like a crazy idea back then. 
  • The folks at LexBlog (and founder Kevin O’Keefe), who have been terrific about the support that they provide to customers like me. 
  • E-mail and RSS subscribers like you, who have provided me with tips, comments, and suggestions over the years.   

There are many others for sure, and hopefully you know who you are too. 

How long will this blog continue? Who knows. When I started this, I said I would stop when I ran out of things to talk about or when it became hard to write.  That hasn’t happened yet.

The blog has changed a bit from my original vision — as these types of endeavors so often do.  But I hope it continues to provide useful and practical information for employers in Connecticut. 

I still view it as a work in progress, even after all these years, so if you have suggestions on general topics you’d like to see covered (I can’t provide specific advice on legal issues in this platform), feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Thank you again for all of your support.

  • Mark Tyszka, SPHR

    Hello Dan, 

    Congratulations on your five years with the blog.  It is very useful and informative.  Suggested future topics:  pitfalls to avoid with Workers Comp and Unemployment Comp claims.  These two programs are tricky and can be very difficult and time-consuming to navigate even one claim. 

  • Robin Shea

    Best wishes on your fifth anniversary, Dan! I am sending you a greeting and link from my blog post today, as well.

  • Rush Nigut

    Congratulations, Dan. It takes a lot of work to maintain a blog for five years. Trust me, I know. I’m six going on seven. Many people never get started and most drop off over time. But yours has been one of the best and I would anticipate it will only get better.