I had another post scheduled to go up this morning, but the news of the Newtown elementary school shooting makes it irrelevant. 

As of midday Friday, the reported death toll was 27, with over a dozen kids included.

As a father myself, the news is horrifying.  Absolutely horrifying. 

A few years ago, there was another mass shooting — this time at Hartford Distributors, Inc.  At the time, I penned a piece that asked, “Are there really any ‘lessons’ to be learned from evil?” 

I concluded no. Not really. And I knew, like we all do, that this type shooting would happen again. After all, it had happened in Connecticut with the Lottery Headquarters shooting back in 1998 too

Indeed, as we look for answers from this tragedy, perhaps its best to acknowledge that we can never truly understand what brings people to commit evil and that despite whatever efforts we might make, something like this will sadly happen again.

Today, Connecticut is in shock.  And we’re filled with unbelievable sadness.  My heart goes out to everyone in Newtown and all those affected by this.