A new revised bill (in the form of an amendment) to amend the state discrimination statutes and amend the CHRO procedures has been posted on the Connecticut General Assembly’s site this afternoon.  The amendment (8532) can be found in the information for S.B. 1164

A review of the language shows a few changes, including the removal of the “Schedule A” requirements that I had highlighted last week. 

According to several legislative sources, this revision follows some give-and-take between the agency, legislators and other outside groups to develop a bill that was not as controversial as the one that was proposed.  I shared my concerns with several individuals as well, after posting them first on the blog over the last few weeks. 

I applaud the agency for revising the CHRO bill to remove some of the more substantive changes until they can have an appropriate hearing and consideration. 

In the meantime, passage of this revision is now expected — if the legislature can work its way through the typical year-end mess it has created. 

After the bill passes, I hope to do a recap of some of the changes (I’ve touched on it in posts here and here).  If passed, the changes will become effective July 1, 2013.  In the interim, however, employers should familiarize themselves with the provisions.