With all the talk about Edward Snowden, the notion of whistleblowers is back front and center in the public eye.  (Put aside for the moment that Snowden is not likely a “whistleblower” in the legal sense.)

On a federal level, whistleblower claims are mostly covered by the False Claims Act.  But at a state level, there are comparable state statutes that cover this.

Amidst all of this, though, the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities plays an important role in investigating and prosecuting whistleblower retaliation cases.  Much of this is not recognized by the general public who typically view the CHRO has covering discrimination cases.

The CHRO has a whole section of the website devoted to whistleblowers and talks extensively about the protection afforded to them under Connecticut law.

If you haven’t taken a look lately, here’s a link.

In the meantime, I’ll be on I was on WNPR’s Where We Live again on Tuesday, July 16th (at 9a and replaying at 7p).  A link to the archived performance is available here.

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