In a decision to be officially released tomorrow, the Connecticut Appellate Court has affirmed a dismissal of a breach of contract claim that alleged that the company failed to follow procedures that were outlined in a management training seminar. 

The case, Brule v. Nerac (download here), is important because it sets some limits to

You’ve heard of the negligent hiring case.

Should we now get ready for "negligent exposure" cases?

A Connecticut Superior Court recently allowed a claim of negligence to proceed by a subordinate against a supervisor, on the grounds that the supervisor drew the subordinate into a dispute with another employee, exposing the subordinate to the

For employers in the state, the lawsuits now being brought against St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center for the alleged actions of a former physician, should be a huge wake-up call that former employees can cause big headaches for their employers — even decades later.  These cases — which are still at the earliest stages — arise from the actions