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Can a Legislature Really Change a Collective Bargaining Agreement?

Posted in Labor Law & NLRB, Legislative Developments, Wage & Hour

My law partner, Gabe Jiran, talks today about whether it’s all that easy to change the terms of a collective bargaining agreement.  Is it just as easy as a vote? Or does it require something more? The answer has implications for all employers.   With all of the talk about the financial difficulties faced by… Continue Reading

Imagine If There’s No CHRO. It’s Not Easy If You Try.

Posted in CHRO & EEOC, Legislative Developments

Imagine there’s no ….. A few years ago it would have been unfathomable to be considering life in Connecticut without a Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities.  After all, it is a necessary step in filing a discrimination complaint in this state. Imagining a Connecticut without the CHRO? No way. But suddenly, dramatically, here we… Continue Reading