Last year, the CHRO was mired in a media mess.  Then Executive Director R. Hamisi Ingram was under attack by both employees and through legislative hearings regarding his leadership.  Eventually, he was let go.

But at the time, there was talk that several employees might bring a complaint or lawsuit regarding the way that they were allegedly treated.  So what happened?

Well, for starters, two employees did file suit in federal court earlier this summer. The Complaint, by Paula Ross and Valerie Kennedy, paints a picture of an organization run amuk with those who are charged with protecting against discrimination, as being those who allegedly did the discrimination.   Other prior workers at the CHRO have tried similar allegations regarding prior administrations without much success, so it remains to be seen what will happen here. 

Not surprisingly, the State denied the allegations in its response and set forth several affirmative defenses, including a statute of limitations defense.  It filed its answer last month.  Last week, the parties filed their planning report.  In it, the parties indicate that they anticipate discovery to continue through June 2008. 

Thus, the case seems — at least from a review of the docket — to be destined to drift on.  The administration of Hamisi Ingram may have ended last year, but his legacy lives on in a lawsuit.